Traditionally, 401k plans had to be managed by employers and could not be managed by outside financial firms. We, The Solution People, are now able to manage 401k and 457 plans for certain companies at no charge to the employee. For more information and a review, please call or email us.


We are The Solution People, an independent financial advisory firm that focuses on minimizing taxation and optimizing Social Security Income in retirement.


We help clients develop retirement roadmaps that are as stress-free and tax-advantaged as possible.


We serve multiple generations of families and help clients from a very young age to a very well-seasoned age.

We provide innovative solutions for people who want to retire with little to no tax liability and maximum social security income. We offer markets accounts with stop-loss allocations to minimize the downside risk of market volatility while taking advantage of the upside market potential. We can actively manage 401k plans for employees of certain companies while still employed at no cost to the employee. We offer a variety of fixed insurance retirement products that have protective floors of 0%, which insulates our clients’ wealth from market volatility, takes advantage of the upside and provides guaranteed lifetime income streams (often tax-free). Ask us for more information on any of these subjects at and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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Tony began a career in financial advising in 2014 and it has turned into a passion. Financial education and awareness is the top priority The Solution People, an independent financial advisory firm he co-founded in 2016.


After starting her financial career in 2014 with a firm that required quotas and financial minimums of clients, Angela realized she preferred to offer services to everyone from any background and present-day circumstances.

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